Printing the Word


"My doctrine shall drop as the rain...because I will publish the name of the Lord" Deut 32:3.

"Publish and proclaim it in all their cities" Nehemiah 8:15

"Declare among the nations, publish and set up a standard" Jeremiah 50:2

Theos magazine was the first material published for the One God One Lord community. It remains a favorite means of sharing what the Bible teaches about our God and His Son.

It is available as a free PDF download in three issues: Theos-1  Theos-2  Theos-3

You can also order copies in print, full-color magazines that are perfect for sharing with others. We only charge for postage.  Order here.

Our policy is to make all our materials readily accessible. We do not charge for them, but accept and encourage your donations to help provide for their continued production. 


In addition to the Theos magazines, we produce a large assortment of small booklets, and larger soft-cover books. These cover a variety of topics supported solely by the Word of God. We do not rely on the opinions of men.

You can browse, read, and download all of our literature in the Preview section.


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